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How do you have nights like this and then things still don't work out the way they should? How can you stare into someones eyes for hours and talk about your entire life, and it just ends like that, like hours of conversation meant nothing. How can a simple caress of the leg make you warm inside? How can someone be soo perfect yet so wrong? How can you be so much like someone but still not have the answers? How can you rest your head in someones lap and not have there be more? How come you can spend endless hours with people who don't even know you and have a time limit with me? How do you not know why you are so hurt? How come you feel that even i will hurt you? How does everyone around us see the "us" but you can't bare the thought in your mind? How can you not tell how much i care? How can you have a night with me like this one and still leave me?
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