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L <3 V E

I just got home from seeing the notebook, and it was pretty amazing. It does make you contemplate life and love though in new ways. I know that in my heart i have loved before, and all i can do is hope that i will be able to love again. When people come in my path, i will often times place walls around myself, cause the pain of lost love is worse than the pain of seeking for love. I know that these feelings aren't love, but part of me wishes they could be love. It's this complicated knot deep in my stomach that has occupied my mind for the last few days. I want the story book... but the other night was a bit of a disappointment. It's almost as if there are two people i know... and it's the one at work that i fell in like with, the other one was different... the mystery was gone. It was almost the epitome of what i am so not attracted to. But; then he looks at me, and I feel something. It sounds so silly... but it truely is the way he looks at me that makes me think about him until i see him again. When i speak to him, he blocks out everyone else around him... it feels like where in our own world while he hangs on everyword i have to say. I hate it though... i hate when he talks to me about himself and all i want to do is hear more. I want to hear about everyday of his life... I hate that this whole situation is taking so long I guess patience truely is a virtue and i waited this long for the phone call and i guess i can just sit and wait for the next step to take place.... but it will drive me crazy.......
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