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By wednesday i can't sleep.........

I haven't updated in awhile... I had this absolutely unbelieveable night with you... 415 in the morning just talking... I don't understand what it is about you that i just want to know EVERYTHING about you. When you speak i'm intrigued by the words you have to say. Shawns the only one before that i could say that about. Your family, your life, your interests, your hobbies... everysingle topic i wanted to hear every detail of... and a lot of the time it seemed as though you wanted to hear all about mine too. It was so comfortable just talking and the way you could open up to me surprised me. You have always seemed so shy, so i question to myself if you opened up cause it was me... or have i just perceived the person you are to be different... either way it made me happy. Then saturday night came... and to put it lightly, you treated me in a way that i no longer felt special. It's strange how your actions towards me can change so quickly. however you did say you were extremely tired... i have to keep telling myself that because i just get upset when i don't.
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