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Kimberly Ann
24 January
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Alone in the world, alone by myself
Why does it feel like there's nothing else
I feel as if it all shouldn't be
How come I feel so much hurt inside me?
It digs really deep and tears up my soul
It holds on so tight and doesn't let go
The pain is so strong, you don't understand
My outside looks better, but inside I'm mad
And then it happens, the feeling's too strong
The tears start to rush when you hear that song
But you hold on so tight to all that you've got
They'll be there for you cuz they love you a lot
Those things are called feelings, sometimes they're real rough
Just remember this when you've had enough
Life will go on, you've done all you could
Things sometimes happen that aren't understood
To help you stay strong use what you've got
They'll help you stay sturdy and tie a good knot
The name is called friends, listen to what they say
They'll help you stay strong with each passing day
Just remember what I told you, it really will help
Don't do something stupid, if it doesn't work out.
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